Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Greetings from a Scone


EMD power old and new idles at North Yard
Salt Lake City, Utah

Before anyone raises an eyebrow, an actual scone is not contributing to this blog.  But before I dive into the cyberspace blogworld, it's best to do a proper introduction of myself.  I am Schon Norris, a lifelong Salt Lake City resident and a local railfan.  I have been invited due to my extensive knowledge of operations of many things and would be happy to contribute.

Born on the end of the 20th Century, my life has been surrounded by trains ever since I was but a wee infant, beginning with the basic toy train set for Christmas.  Nowadays I still reside in the greater Salt Lake area as a Senior at Cottonwood High School.  I primarily find myself railfanning in the downtown Salt Lake City area, but occasionally others can find me in areas like Provo and Ogden.  Being the youngest member of the blog, I have grown up with the evolution of the city's transportation and railroad operation, which I often reference local history back to.  I look forward to majoring in the Civil Engineering (with a Structural/Transportation specialty) field, hopefully working alongside the development of this rapidly growing city.

A Daybreak-bound Utah Transit Authority Red Line TRAX train navigates down 4th south while the University of Utah looms in the background.
Salt Lake City, Utah

My railfanning interests primarily focus on the modern-day operations in and out of Utah.  That being said, I also have a great interest in the state's (and railroad's) history.  My keen eye pays a special attention to detail when observing locomotives and rolling stock, taking mental notes of those that had a previous heritage.  My favorite railroad's include: Denver & Rio Grande Western, Burlington Northern, Chicago Northwestern, Pre-G&W Utah Railway, Southern Pacific and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF).

Now, the fun part.  My railfanning specialty is taking notes of former locomotive and car numbers.  I plan on assisting with this blog, with a general focus on the underminded past of railroading.  It's guaranteed that contributing to this blog will be fun, which will give me the opportunity to enlighten others, and for the matter, myself!

- Schon N.

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  1. Dang it man, you got me hungry for some scones... :) Welcome aboard!