Saturday, September 9, 2017

In Regards to our Previous Post about Ogden Union Station:

We wrote a recent post on the Desert Empire Project blog that reported on recent events at Ogden Union Station and previous plans to remove the rail center. While the information presented was dated, it is factual and was available to the public. We believed it was current information at the time of publishing. 

Our intention was to raise awareness of the value of the depot and its outdoor collection of historic railway equipment. The post rapidly received wide spread coverage, and took off across many railroad related social media platforms. Furthermore we learned of some updated facts that we were not aware of and did not take into account in our original post. Because of the unintended reactions and conflict the post was causing online, we decided to delete it and took a brief break from the subject.  We took time to refocus on what we love about the hobby and discuss internally how to avoid causing such conflict again in the future. We did not intend to create a problem were there wasn't any and for that we extend our deepest apologies. We did not wish to impede on the volunteer work being done by organizations such as the Union Station Foundation and Dynamic Rail Preservation and we extend our apologies to those who work with those organizations for the stress we have caused.

We will be returning to our normal focus in a few days on our railfanning trips and adventures. We are glad for those of you who bore with us during this, and hope to repair any burnt bridges our previous post has caused. Figuratively speaking, we hope to see you all trackside soon! 

The Desert Empire Project Editors