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The documentary has been finished! Watch it below, then read about its story.

Josh had the idea kicking around in the back of his mind; after a summer of filming coal trains in Provo and running into other railfans in doing so, he wanted to film a documentary about the railfanning community. Then Schon pointed out the existence of an absolutely terrible documentary (which shall remain nameless) that casts railfans as immature idiots with cameras, and the decision was made to follow through and produce a 30-minute film about the creativity and sociality of the railfan community.

The documentary will follow six railfans of varying ages, professions and situations across Utah, from spectacular Echo Canyon to scenic Soldier Summit and as far west as Ely, Nevada, talking about their interest in railroads, their family history in the industry, and their creative contributions to the hobby, culminating in an annual event planned by the Utah Rail Enthusiasts group.

Regular updates will be posted on the Trackside Facebook Page. The public release is set for May 10, 2017, the anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. This will be a production of ERA Films (see the ERA Films channel HERE).

UPDATE: November 19th was the second day of filming, following a group of six railfans (including two authors for Desert Empire Project) on the Lynndyl Subdivision between Lynndyl and Milford, Utah. Below are some stills from the footage.

Update 2/4/2017: has agreed to sponsor travel expenses associated with the production of the documentary. Trainlife is a local company based in Utah that started out with a model railroading-related social media platform and has grown into a database of out-of-print railroad magazines and a major distributor of model railroad supplies.

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