The Authors

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Matt Liverani is a tried an true railfan and model railroader.  Though he lives many miles from an active mainline, living in Ely, Nevada has it's own charm.  The town is an old mining community that was once served by the Nevada Northern Railway that today makes a living as a tourist railroad, of which he is an active volunteer holding the title of Brakeman.  Matt has called Ely home for over 20 years and currently makes a living as a correctional officer at the only maximum security prison in the state.  Aside from his main hobbies involving trains, he also likes road trips (particularly along old Route 66 in Arizona), exploring ghost towns, and building web pages.  He has been married to his loving and understanding wife, Angele, for over 14 years and has two children, Audrie who is 13 and Anthony who is 10.

Jacob Lyman is a railfan who currently lives in Salt Lake City as a student at the University of Utah (former student at Utah State University in Logan). Among his ancestors were men who helped construct and operate railroads in Central California, which would later become parts of the Western Pacific and Southern Pacific systems. He has been interested in trains since he was a young child, where he watched with great interest the animated adaptation of The Little Engine That Could, the Casey Jr. song sequence in Disney's film Dumbo, and the US adaptation of the Thomas the Tank Engine franchise known as Shining Time Station. His childhood interest matured into a hobby he has carried into adulthood thanks to his fascination in the Tooele Valley Railway, a fallen flag shortline in his hometown. He has been railfanning trackside since 2011, and has had the ability to visit locations through-out Utah, Nevada, California; and even places as far off as the famous Horseshoe Curve. Even during his two year religious mission in Argentina, he was able to snap a few photos of the meter gauge operations in the area. He is a collector of Lego Train sets, and hopes to someday soon build his own HO train layout. Jacob hopes to someday become a mechanical engineer.

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