Monday, September 12, 2016

Greetings from a New Contributer!

Utah Railway RUT 611 Train, Salt Lake City 9/12/16

Hello I'd like to introduce myself. I am Jacob Lyman. Josh has invited me to help him reactivate this blog and help keep it up to date with current railroad new and happenings.

I am a native of Tooele, Utah (Too-Will-Uh as the locals call it!) and am currently a student at the University of Utah in my junior year, after completing my first two years of school at Utah State University. I hope to graduate as a Mechanical Engineer. I have lived two years in north western Argentina as part of a religious mission. I am the main administrator over the Utah Rail Preservation News group on Facebook. I am rather active in chasing trains right now, and hopefully between Josh and I we have enough coverage over the northern half of the state of Utah to capture a good snapshot of current events in railroading.

My railfan interests are wide and varied. While I love all the railroads in Utah and the fallen flags, I am not much of an expert in the Denver and Rio Grande as Josh is. Instead my knowledge is a bit more complete on the Union Pacific lines (Particularly the Utah segments of the former LA&SL, and the former OSL). I am also an aficionado of the Western Pacific, and hopefully I will get more opportunities to chase trains out in the desolate West Desert.

One of the railroads closest to my heart is the Tooele Valley Railway, a railroad that was long abandoned before I was even born! The intrigue of my hometown fallen flag was a large driving force that got me interested in trains and railroads in general. The volunteer staff at the museum particularly the long standing director, Jean Mogus; have helped to kindle this interest, And since information on the Tooele Valley is a bit sparse online, I might make an effort to help introduce it a bit to the readers on this blog.

Tooele Valley Railway locomotive #11 as seen at the Tooele Valley Railroad Museum 5/31/16

So I am going to try and have fun with this blog and see what I can help contribute to the greater understanding of railroad history and current events in the inter-mountain west (and maybe beyond)! 

Hasta Luego

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