Friday, December 23, 2016

Family Christmas Traditions

The Nevada Northern depot at East Ely is all decked
out for Christmas.
Christmas-time is a magical time of year when families come together to celebrate the season itself or the symbolism of the holiday that marks the night of Christ's birth.  However one celebrates the holiday, one thing remains constant throughout - traditions.  Whether it is a certain meal, or the reading of a favorite Christmas story, or even the way one decorates the tree, everybody has a tradition that was either passed down or started by that generation.

In my family, both kinds traditions apply.  For the handed down tradition, my father taught me the generations-old tradition of making homemade lasagna for Christmas dinner.  Our 'new' tradition was started about ten years ago.  For the last decade, our family has looked forward to riding the Polar Express at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum then driving through town afterwards looking at Christmas lights while sipping on hot cocoa.  Presented here some of the photos from our ride on the night of December 22, 2016.

One round trip to the North Pole please!

No explanation needed...

We are getting ready to board the Polar Express.

We are ready and waiting for the train to depart.

Me and my daughter, Audrie.

My wife, Angele, and our son, Anthony.

One of the servers, Angela, stops for a photo in between trays of hot cocoa.

Our conductor, Bill, punches tickets for the Polar Express passengers.

We have arrived at the North Pole!

More of the North Pole.

Here is where Santa lives!

This is the last little bit of the North Pole.

Santa graciously takes a moment to get a photo with my kids.

The look of pure happiness.  At 13 and 10, both of my children still believe!

Regardless of how you celebrate the season, take time to reflect on the traditions that you hold dear and maybe think about starting a new one that your family can enjoy for years to come.  Who knows, maybe 100 years from now, some distant grandchild will look back and thank his three times great grandfather for the tradition they will enjoy!

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