Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The 'Other' Wendover Local

While many Salt Lake area railfans might be familiar with Union Pacific's Wendover Locals, the LUE-50 and LUE-51, only a couple are familiar with the 'other' Wendover local, license plate NV2840.  Every two weeks, my wife and I trek from Ely to Wendover to go grocery shopping at the Smith's Food and Drug store in West Wendover, NV.  Then we head over to the Subway restaurant just inside the Utah border to eat.  If we have time before we go back home, I'll head trackside to see what, if anything, might be moving or parked at the west end of the Wendover yard by the yard office.  Most days are a dud, but others can usually catch a one off locomotive or a stray piece of maintenance of way equipment.  Sometimes I get really lucky and see an actual train.  Below are some examples of what has been spotted when the 'other' Wendover local arrives in town...

The 'Other' Wendover Local, license plate NV2840

A classic paint scheme that has really seen better days.  01Aug16

A rare sight south of the border, eh?  This GMD-1 currently works the
KGHM Bulk Transfer facility in Wendover.  01Aug16

Westbound grain train that was stopped.  No crew, no signal to
proceed.  01Aug16
DPU of the westbound grain train.  01Aug16

OLS Deadhead move through Wendover, UT.  SD70ACe 9054 leading
SD70ACe 9051, dome coach 'Columbine', coach 'City of Salina', and
observation 'Cheyenne'.  10Aug16

Dome coach 'Columbine on OLS deadhead.  Wendover, UT 10Aug16

SD70ACe 8561 parked in Wendover Yard.  15Aug16

Tamper and aligner also parked in Wendover Yard on 15Aug16.
Herzog work train parked on house spur at Wendover Yard on 12Oct16.

Tail end of Herzog work train.  12Oct16
I have never seen a speeder trailer with six wheels on it before.  It is marked
with a two ton capacity, though I hardly think that is accurate given its
current condition.

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